What Happens After Enrolling in the Bayer Carbon Program?

October 24, 2023  |  By ForGround by Bayer

It’s official – you’re part of the Bayer Carbon Program! So, what now?

The time in between signing your contract and receiving your first payment can leave you wondering what to expect next. Since simplicity is one of the strengths of the Bayer Carbon Program, we’ve detailed each step below. You can also refer to your welcome packet or get help from your Client Enablement Specialist at any point in the process.

Here’s what comes next after you enroll in the Bayer Carbon Program:

Step 1: Verify Your Contact Information

First, check that the contact information we have on file is correct by logging into your program account at https://trial.carbon.bayer.us/. Confirm your name, business name, email address, phone number and mailing address.

Step 2: Complete the Required Documentation

Required documentation includes a W-9 form, landowner authorizations and practice change evidence pictures:

  • W-9 - One W-9 form is required per contract. Complete the EFT portion of the form if you’d like to receive your payment via direct deposit. PLEASE NOTE: The W-9 form isn’t included in your welcome packet. It will be sent via DocuSign to the email address you used to enroll.
  • Landowner authorizations - One signed landowner authorization form is required for each leased or partially owned field enrolled in the Bayer Carbon Program to enable carbon asset generation. Your welcome packet includes a support flyer with instructions on how to access the form. You don’t need to complete a form for fields you enrolled previously.
  • Practice change evidence pictures - These are only required if you enrolled in a new practice since the prior year’s enrollment. For example, if you enrolled in no-till last year, and now you’ve enrolled in cover crop this year, you’ll need to send evidence pictures of the cover crop. Pictures and/or other practice change documentation should be sent to carbonprogram@bayer.com.

Step 3: Complete the Required Data Collection

We’ll send your Climate Enablement Specialist to your farm to help with this step. Together, you’ll collect the data below using the Climate FieldViewTM Data Manager tool:

  • Historical practice management - Fill out your field management information. To determine how many years of data you need to provide, subtract three years from the practice change year. For example, if the practice change year was 2021, provide information for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022, 2023 per field enrolled.
  • Share field pictures - Take pictures of the qualifying practices you’ve adopted on each of the fields you have enrolled using the Timestamp Camera app. Upload them to the associated enrolled fields using the scouting pin in FieldView. PLEASE NOTE: If you are enrolled in cover crop and no-till on a field, take a picture that represents proof of practice implementation. Refer to your welcome packet or contact your Climate Enablement Specialist for additional details.

Step 4: Complete the Annual Attestation

At the end of each cash crop cycle, you’ll receive an annual attestation form. This form will be sent post-harvest via DocuSign to the email address you used to enroll.

Step 5: Receive Your Annual Payment

You’ve made it to the end! Now you’re ready to reap the potential rewards for the regenerative practices you’ve put to work. With the Bayer Carbon Program, you know what you can earn per acre and are rewarded for the verified and validated practices you adopt. No need to worry about how many tons of carbon you sequester.

Enrollment in the Bayer Carbon Program is the first step to earning rewards for regenerative agriculture. Follow these steps and remember to lean on your Climate Enablement Specialist to take full advantage of the potential new revenue streams available to you.

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