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July 11, 2023  |  By ForGround by Bayer

Meet Redekop Manufacturing

Redekop Manufacturing has been manufacturing high performance combine tools since 1985.  Whether these products are assembled onto a combine at the factory or sold in the aftermarket, each product is built with the grower in mind.

Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU) & Regenerative Ag

Global herbicide use has slowly become an increasing issue with various weed types becoming more and more resistant to the products that control them.  The Seed Control Unit allows for a different means to controlling weeds off the combine, with in some cases, higher kill rates than traditional herbicide programs.  It turns the combine into an agronomic tool that continually lowers any field’s weed seed bank.  When combining the SCU with traditional herbicide programs there is a drastic gain in the overall efficacy of those programs because it puts less pressure on the program itself and allows for control as the crop is harvested.

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FIGURE 1: Science tells us that seed is no longer viable if it’s hit at least 4 times at a high enough velocity. The Redekop SCU is made up of two side-by-side impact mills that spin in opposite direction. Each mill has a rotor that turns at a fixed 2850 rpm. The weed seed enters through the top from the chopper into the top of the SCU, after it is spun through, the destroyed weed seed and chaff is distributed out of the SCU in a wide, even directional pattern.

Top Benefits of the Redekop SCU

  • Improved residue distribution - The Seed Control Unit product, coupled with the MAV chopper on some combine brands, can improve residue distribution in various crop types. The processing done to the straw residue is more effectively sized for faster nutrient breakdown and better spring planting or seeding conditions. While the SCU processes the chaff, both devices will improve the entire combine performance as it relates to overall residue distribution.
  • Proprietary mill design - This design allows for industry leading chaff processing.  The SCU mills resist wear by using carbide coated material.  The smaller chaff sizing will lead to a faster breakdown of crop residue.  And with smaller particle size there can be an improved spring germination in any crop because of warmer soil temperatures.
  • Weed Seed Destruction with >98% kill rate - The SCU provides helps prevent the spread of weed escapes & volunteer corn pressure - reducing the need for tillage for weed control.

Promotion Overview

As a ForGround member you can claim an exclusive 3% discount on the Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU) when purchasing a new unit direct from Redekop or pre-installed through your local Redekop dealer. The SCU is available for install on a wide variety of combines:

  • John Deere: Sx70, Sx80, Sx90 (Class 7-9)
  • Case IH: 8600, 8700, 8800
  • CLAAS: Fendt Ideal
  • New Holland: CR8.90, CR9.90, CR10.90

To Redeem

  1. Purchase a new SCU (pre-built/custom, self-installed/pre-installed) from Redekop Manufacturing direction or a certified Redekop dealer prior to September 30, 2024.
  2. Provide your dealer or Redekop salesmen with this document or the code below: REDEKOP2023FG

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