Duncanson Testimonial

August 25, 2023  |  By ForGround by Bayer

Meet the Duncanson Brothers from KD2 Farms in Mapleton, Minnesota. Karson and Kameron are avid stewards of their soil, and have implemented cover crops and reduced tillage on their operation. They recently signed up for the Bayer Carbon Program, and sat down to share their experience and story with us.

More on the Bayer Carbon Program

Earn More for the Way You Farm

When you enroll your eligible fields into the Bayer Carbon Program, you get paid for adopting cover crops and reduced tillage practices.

We help you put regenerative practices to work with year-round support from a team of agronomists and exclusive rebates and discounts. Know upfront how much you can potentially earn per acre.2 And if carbon credit prices increase, we’ll share the upside by increasing your rewards, too.3

But it’s more than just extra income. You can also help strengthen your land for future generations with healthier soil and greater resiliency.

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