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February 07, 2023  |  By ForGround by Bayer

La Crosse Seed provides forage and cover crop seed mixes tailored for your land to maximize nutrient, moisture and IPM efficiency across your farm.

They have paired an unmatched portfolio of high quality forage, cover crop and turf seed with knowledgeable and experienced sales and support staff since 1919. We distribute premium seed and related products through dealers across the Midwest and beyond.

La Crosse Seed has become a trusted industry leader by offering the best available products, service, and support to create a complete, one stop solution for ag and turf retailers nationwide. They are proud to provide you the “seed you need, when you need it”.

In addition to unmatched support and logistics, they partner with top breeders to continually deliver new and innovative seed solutions to maximize quality and profit potential.

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2022 $10,000 in Cover Crop Seed winner

Bryan Stanczyk Corn and Soybean Farmer Nebraska

“I was initially interested in ForGround in order to grow regenerative practices on our operation. Last fall I ended up winning their La Crosse Seed sweepstakes. I look forward to expanding cover crops on my operation with the support of both La Crosse Seed and ForGround.”

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