Climate FieldView PLUS Discount Code

January 26, 2024  |  By ForGround by Bayer

Enroll in ForGround and link your FieldView™ account to receive a $100 discount off FieldView™ Plus or Premium.

ForGround participants that enroll between 1/1/24 and 12/31/24 and agree to associate their FieldView Plus or Premium account with the ForGround Program, will receive a $100 discount off the current list price of FieldView Plus (currently $299) or FieldView Premium (currently $799) valid for one-year.

* ForGround by Bayer members who agree to associate their FieldView™ Plus or FieldView™ Premium account with ForGround will receive a $100 discount off of a FieldView™ Plus or FieldView™ Premium subscription for one year. ForGround members who enroll a minimum of 250 eligible acres in a carbon program offered through ForGround (requiring implementation of select regenerative ag practices) will receive a FieldView™ Plus subscription at no charge for one year, in the form of a $299 discount code (which may instead be applied to a FieldView™ Premium subscription, if desired).

This FieldView™ subscription opportunity is subject to Bayer continuing to offer promotion. Promotion may be discontinued by Bayer at any time in Bayer’s sole discretion. Promotion participants must not be in breach of any agreements between Bayer and its affiliates, including Climate LLC, in order to qualify. FieldView™ Drive or FieldView™ Drive Starter Kits are not included in this offer. No commissions will be paid to dealers for subscribers participating in this offer. This offer may not be combined with any other offer for FieldView™ Plus or FieldView™ Premium.